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Happy Easter from Paul From The Diamond Center and Your Pals Here at ISeeRobots Radio!

I found a VHS that was 6 hrs of Kung Fu, not the old one but the new-ish one and it was dope because it was chocked full of local adverts and KBHK TV 44 Bumpers! I was so stoked and what made it even better was this great pic that I got from an Easter Promotion that Paul From The Diamond Center was running at the time! It was so timely with Easter right around the corner! 
Paul was/is a Bay Area Icon... His commercials ran on all the local stations and added a nice bit of texture and fun to the day to day grind. Man, nothing beats a wacky local commercial! Here is an example of Paul's work..

Dude was a genius. I've never bought a diamond but if I could travel back in time to the 1989 and do so I'd for sure get it from Paul!