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Mego Fighting Championship Tournament Final: Andre The Giant Vs.Muhammad Ali

Here it is fans. The finals of the 1st ever Mego Fighting Championship Tournament. The two men before you have defeated two other figures on the way to the finals. 
Andre crushed The Fonz and Spock while both Bruce Lee and Frankenstein fell at the feet of the greatest boxer who ever lived, Muhammad Ali.

This is sure to be an exciting bout. Each competitor represents their respective fighting arts with skill and gamesmanship. Andre, the wrestling champion hopes to take the fight to the ground while Ali the boxer will need to keep Andre on his feet if he is to have any hope of winning.
Ali flicks out a jab at the bell knowing that he'll need to establish his hand game quickly if he has a prayer of keeping the much larger grappler off of him. 
As of now in The MFC Andre has been immune to any attack that has been thrown his way. It seems that his mountainous size is the best defense of all.
The jab proves ineffective. Andre walks through it like it didn't exist and locks up Ali around…

Mego Fighting Championship: Action Jackson Vs. Bruce Lee

Hey kids. Here it begins. What you say? Only the greatest thing ever. A No Rules, Hand to Hand Combat tournament between the greatest combatants in the Mego World. 
What could be a better beginning than a battle between two of the finest fighters ever conceived, Judo/Karate Black Belt and dangerous Super-Spy, Action Jackson and the one and the only, The Dragon Bruce Lee...?  Nothing.  Let's take a look at the action.

Jackson is a black belt in Judo and may be able to snatch victory with a quick strangle.
The men work on the ground for a second when Lee proves to be a quality ground fighter in his own regard when he throws a back elbow to AJ's nose and escapes his grasp.
The athletic Lee proves to be too wiry to be held down, even for a black belt.
Lee gets free and a scramble ensues. Lee the quicker man gets to his feet first while Jackson struggles to make it upright when he trips on his Judo pants.
Before Action could fully stand Lee lands a devastating kick right to his face. Jac…