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Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends: Hela and Some Thoughts On Cate Blanchett.

What an awesome figure. Dude, just so great. Those antlers are so rad. If you don't know, now you know, that's Hela from Thor Ragnarok the upcoming Marvel flick that looks AMAZING! Hela is the big baddie in the joint. According to the trailers she has the power to squeeze Thor's magic hammer like a sponge. That's pretty dope. 

She just looks so evil. We went all over Santa Rosa and a couple other towns before I finally found her figure at Target, the Coddingtown one. I don't think she's that hard to find or anything. I just wanted her NOW! I was in like a toy frenzy. Do you ever get that way? Like you just have to have the figure that you want like RIGHT THIS SECOND! I was like that. 

Like I said a second ago Hela is played by the all time legend, Cate Blanchett who I totally lovc and when I saw mock ups of the figure I saw that she came with a little Blanchett head.. That was the selling point to me. Man, I am trying really hard not to fall down the Marvel Legen…