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Cute Retro Gals: Janine Turner.

For the 2nd installment of Cute Retro Gals I bring forth one of my fave gals from The 90's, Janine Turner. Janine is prolly most known for her role as Maggie O'Connell on the seminal 90's TV Show, Northern Exposure.
Maggie was dope. She was a bush pilot and a real no nonsense gal with a super cute little boy haircut. The hairdo really worked on her because she has a totally small head and face, plus her face is totally symmetrical and great to look at. The short hair really accentuates that. .

Turner started off as a teen model at 15 before entering the ranks of working actors with Northern Exposure. That's gotta be rough leaving so young. I don't know if I'd approve of my daughter taking off to the big city as a 15 year old to enter the not at all sketchy world of modeling.. 

After Northern Exposure she did some other shows. Lifetime Network type stuff and got into some heavy right wing TV Talking head type stuff.

She also starred in a Christian Workout Video call…