Monday, July 15, 2019

Mego Fighting Championship: Action Jackson Vs. Elvis Presley Plus Undercard Action

This week on The Mego Fighting Championship we have a battle between returning veteran Action Jackson (0-1) and a debuting fighter, Karate Black-Belt and legend of the music industry, Elvis Presley.. 

Action Jackson has been seen training with Jiu-Jitsu Champion Royce Gracie in the rainforests of Brazil recently and he hopes that his improved ground game will be enough to pull him past Elvis' Karate expertise... 

Presley starts off the fight by leaping forward with a front kick but Jackson is on guard and grabs his leg and uses it to pull The King to the mat where he hopes to use some of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu that he's been working so hard on. 

After tossing The King to the ground Jackson grabs on to Elvis' legs and attempts to sweep them aside in hopes of passing his guard and moving into the side mount or even the full mount if possible.. If you look closely you can see that Elvis has his body weight shifted to one side in case he sees the opportunity to squirt out the side and escape. 

Before Elvis can move Jackson is all over him with an attempted elbow strike. Elvis seems to be ready to shift his weight and escape if he sees the chance.  In the meantime Jackson is laying in some heavy shots to Presley's face.

Jackson needs to watch out though. Elvis has moved his right arm down between AJ's legs and may be preparing an escape in the meantime Jackson continues to rain down elbows.. 

Right when it seems like the fight might be over due to the heavy strikes to Elvis' head The Tiger reaches under Action Jackson and completely reverses position.  

Presley continues rolling through until he his behind AJ and locks his right arm around Jackson's jaw and starts a choke of his own. It may be that Elvis is more of an adapt ground fighter than we had thought. Has AJ's training been in vain? 

Elvis continues through until Jackson is face first on the ground and Elvis is behind him using a Bulldog Choke from Catch Wrestling to put Jackson out. It looks like he may be done. His arm is starting to go limp when Elvis suddenly lets go and jumps up off of him.....

and drops a ruthless knee to the back of his unconcious foes head! How disgraceful. I expected more from The King but in the world of Mego Vale-Tudo anything goes.... 

Looks like an impressive debut for Elvis and back to the drawing board for the 0-2 Action Jackson.. 

In undercard action Andre The Giant (2-1) made short work of Norm Peterson by simply picking him up and flipping him upside down and dropping him head first onto the ground. 

Norm was knocked out instantly and taken away via helicopter to an area hospital. We wish him the best.. 

See you next time from The Mego Fighting Championship Arena! 

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