Thursday, July 7, 2016

I Want Your Video Store Pics!

Hey kids. We all agree that the video store era was one of the greatest times OF ALL THE TIMES! What I'd like to do is start chronicling and cataloging as much of it as I can here at 

Did you work at a store? Did you own or manage a store? Do you have pics lying about that you want to share? PLEASE! Send them to me. I would love to look at them and also to share them with everyone here through 

New pics of stores you have in your area? Old pics from back in the day? It doesn't matter. I want to give them a home. I'd even love pics of the labels on the side of the tape with the name of old stores! Those are super great too! If you have any I'd love to see em'

If you want to help out or just want to share some memories you can get ahold of me HERE!!! Thanks in advance. Let's keep the Video Store open for everyone to visit and enjoy, in our imaginations at least..

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