Monday, July 30, 2018

I Saw An IseeRobots Sticker On A Payphone

This phone is over by UA6. It's one of the couple of payphones that still remain in the downtown area. I dig how dilapidated it is. It's almost like an art installment that is meant to invoke a bombed-out payphone. It's pretty perfect. 

Anyway, look right there . It's an IseeRobots sticker. Pretty fun to see that. We were over at UA6 last week to see a movie called Adrift. It's about this gal who gets stuck adrift on a sailboat after a hyoooge storm. It was alright.

I like going over to The UA. It's nostalgic and hasn't really changed all that much since I worked there.

We were in theater 4 which is the one behind the snack bar. It's a mid sized room. The 6 has two big ones, 2 mid sized and 2 that are pretty big but not super big if I remember correctly.

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