Monday, July 23, 2018

Blockbuster Receipt I Found While Organizing My DVDs..

This isn't really all that exciting but I was dusting off my DVDs and doing a bit or a reorganize when I stumbled on this dope old receipt inside of my copy of Anchor Man. 

I totally remember buying these. I was going to see this dude I knew who worked over there and while I was waiting to say hey I perused the used Discs and found a couple that I wanted.

I had 2.0 with me. If I remember right. We walked down from where we were living at the time. It was maybe a mile away or so. I put her in this backpack deal that you used for walking around with your baby. We did that a lot at the time. 
The Whole Receipt. Click on it if you want a better view. 
Here is the whole thing. I got Anchor Man, King Arthur, the one with Clive Owen and Kiera Knightly. I like that movie. It was directed by the same dude who directed Training Day which is one of my favorite flicks. I also got Before Sunset for The Old Wife. What a gent.

I still have all of these DVDs
Man, the prices where pretty high. There is no way that I am paying anywhere near that nowadays for any of these movies. I might pay that much for Anchor Man on Blu-Ray but it better have some great extra stuff. 

It looks like it might have been a buy two get one free. They subtracted 9.99 from the total. So I guess I got Before Sunset for free. It's the thought that counts.

The Back 
For a minute The Blockbuster down on Mendo was my video store of choice. It was the closest to my pad. Eventually though I discovered Video Droid down the street and it was no going back. My brother worked over at The Blockbuster for a minute so I'd go by there every once and again to say what's up but that's about it. 

I remember going over there one time when he was getting killed by the amount of VHS returns so I shelved a few armfuls for him. That was pretty fun. I'd love to shelve an armload of VHS at a Blockbuster nowadays. I'd prolly pay for the experience to be honest.

The Blockbuster in this receipt is the same one in this post HERE!!! 

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