Monday, June 18, 2018

Boba Froze: Boba Fett Frozen In Ice! My Weird Childhood Obsession

When I was a kid I had this weird habit of freezing my Star Wars figures in ice. I'd get a plastic tumbler, fill it up, plop the dude in and stick it in the freezer overnight. I imagine that this all started with seeing Han Solo frozen in Carbonite during Empire Strikes Back. 

That was a pretty monumental scene for everybody around my age. It was really scary to see such a beloved hero get merked like that. It was unheard of. It may be the 1st time I ever saw something horrible like that happen to a character that I was into. Plus, they tortured him before they froze him up. It was awful. 

What I'd do is freeze the dude up and then slowly watch him melt his way out. Sometimes I'd chip away at it with a butter knife if it was going to slowly. Other times I'd bring the whole thing into the bath tub with me. It was pretty dope to get the quick melt from the hot water rather than the long slow wait.

My favorite guy to freeze was Boba Fett. I guess that was my way of getting revenge on him for what he did to Han. Come on, he totally deserved it. In freezing him though I sort of learned to dig Boba. 

What started as a cruel form of revenge slowly turned into a play tale of Boba bravely fighting for his freedom from the icy cylinder. A lot of the times he'd wind up using his jet pack to burn his way out before flying away to get revenge. 

Boba is thinking he might fire his jet pack to escape.

Revenge on who? Han Solo usually. I mean, who else would be doing the freezing? It had to be Han right? He'd be the most likely suspect. I guess it could be maybe Jabba The Hutt. Maybe Boba messed up some sort of mission and Jabba thought that the freezing would be an ironic way to punish the dude. It could go any number of ways really. Boba Fett must have a TON of enemies.

You know, I had a pretty good time freezing Boba. It really brought me back to a funner time in life. A time when a cup of ice was enough to keep me amused for hours. I mean that, literally hours. The ice took a long time to thaw. There were times when I'd be patient and leave him outside and I'd go check every once and again to see if he was melted enough to get out. 

I'd also sometimes use naturally icy spots to freeze toys in, things like puddles during the winter and stuff. I'd put something in there and then come back the next day to see what it was like. I actually lost a lot of things this way. I'd leave them and then when the area got snowed over I'd never be able to remember where it was that I left the dude. 

There were times where the figure never turned up again. Isn't that weird? I mean, where could they possibly have gone? I'm sure that you guys who live in snowy regions are familiar with this phenomenon. Overall it was way safer to just use the freezer for torturing your Star Wars dudes. 


Big supporter of the show Engineer Nerd of TV & Film Toys pointed me toward this commercial here.. I am SURE that this was an influence on the whole cup of water deal! I fully forgot about this until he showed it me me again. I had one of those deals where all these memories flooded back in my head. 


You could prolly hear a wooshing sound or like a RWD sound effect as it happened. Big up to Engineer Nerd for the info. I am so certain that this was the impetus for my behavior. 

I guess commercials do influence the youth.. Also, Lobot was super creepy. Also again, I wonder how many kids where introduced to the idea of betrayal by Empire? I mean, It may have been the 1st time I ever consider that someone you trust might just straight up betray you to Darth Vader.. That sucks. 

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