Friday, May 4, 2018

Magazine Scans: Dynamite Magazine. Star Wars! '78 and Beyond

Dynamite was the premier Kid's Magazine when I was a young sprat. It covered all sorts of stuff that kids were into, Movies, TV, Sports and whatever. I guess that's what everyone is into huh? That's basically all the types of entertainment that folks like.. 

Anyway, Dynamite had all of that stuff as well as activities the likes of word searches and crosswords as well as connect the dots type stuff. There was also sometimes things that you could cut out and and use for example this issue that I butchered for the article had little door hangers that said " The King is in" with "The King is Out" on the other side. It was reversible.. 

Dynamite published from the 70's to well into the 90's. If you consider 92 to be well into the 90's. Maybe "into the early 90's" would have been more accurate. 

This one was from January of 1978. By that point Star Wars had been out for like what? 7 or 8 months? By that point it was a full on sensation! like, the number one thing in the universe. Let's take a look at the article.

You can enlarge it and read along if you like!
The 1st page had a nice pic of the 3 main characters. I really dig Star Wars Carrie Fisher. I know, what I mean to say is "A New Hope" Carrie Fisher but to me it will always be Star Wars. I feel like a real dork when I say " A New Hope" IDK, the only time I really do say it is if I'm talking to a kid or something. Anyone around my age knows that it's Star Wars, The 1st Star Wars..

Anyhow, I really dig Carrie Fisher with the cinnamon bun hairdo. I read somewhere that when she saw that version of herself she thought that she looked like a snowman with two pieces of coal for eyes or like a dinner plate with two black dots drawn on.. I'm like.. 'C'mon Carrie! you looked great! Don't be so hard on yourself!"

Click on and read this one too! 
On this page they talk a bit about how there is going to be a sequel to Star Wars and then there is going to be a sequel to that! I wonder what young me would have thought if I knew that not only was there going to be 3 MORE after the two they mention here PLUS! 4 prequels! (Rogue One is a prequel. The best prequel.) My head prolly would have fallen off with joy.

I like the picture on this page. Chewie looks so happy.
On the final page of the article in Dynamite they go over the main characters with brief bios of that actors that play them. Luke's is called "Lucky Star" then there is one on "Princess What's her name?" and finally one about Han called "Second Start" before they finally finish with my favorite character of them all... Chewbacca! In it they talk about how despite the film pulling in 150 million dollars Peter Mayhew had to go back to working in a hospital after the production ended.. That really sucks but I imagine that they made it up to him over the years.. 

Well guys, there you have it. Oh ya, I got this issue of Dynamite and a bunch more awhile back at The Flea Market in Sebastopol. They were on some dudes 1 dollar table. I initially thought that he wanted a dollar each but he wanted a dollar for all of them. 

It was late in the day and I think I got the "I don't want to carry these home with me price" It sometimes pays to go later in the day. Especially if you are into the kind of stuff that has been sitting there all day that no one else seems to want...  

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