Thursday, May 17, 2018

DIg Finds: A Trio Of K-Mart Pogs and a Weird Slammer

I found this big book full of pogs at The Dig the other day. They were all lame sort of off brand pogs. Weird like knock-off skater type stuff. The only ones that I found that were the least bit interesting were these guys here.

I'm a bit of a K-Mart junkie though. I just really dig the K-Mart aesthetic. I don't know, Big K has been a go to place for me for like many a moons now. I went there as a kid, I'd gone there up until the big fire and I still go to The K-Mart in Petaluma as often as I can. I dig the throwback vibe.

One thing that I think is a bit funny is that to me these were clearly the choice pogs but I bet to the kid that had the collection these were the lame ones. I didn't mention that these guys were on the absolute last page of the album. The literal very last one. That to me is proof that they were the lamest in his eyes..

I guess that the scriptures came true.. the weak did eventually inherit the Earth. The rest of the pogs got tossed back into the bin with only these guys surviving to make it to my house. 

I wonder if there is any world that the pogs original owner, that cool 90's kid saw where one day some weird old fool would be digging through his super-fresh pog collection only to toss all the good ones and keep the lamest ones of all. That goes to show you dude, no matter how hard you try you just can't predict the future with any certainty..