Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Nice Retro Lunch. Tab And Filet-O-Fish

So if I had my chance to get a perfect retro lunch this my be it. I love me a Filet-O-Fish and they taste a ton better when they are packed in one of these neat styrofoam containers and MAN! I have lusted after that old school Tab taste forever. It was so gross and so chemical tasting. It was really awful but for some reason I am dying to have one. 

Have any of you guys gotten up on that Tab relaunch? If so how was it? Did it have that awful taste that Tab was known for or is it more in line with a modern diet soda? Fools wanna know! My guess is that it is more inline with a generic diet soda than it was BITD.

Back then dudes hadn't really mastered the flavor of zero calorie sweeteners. Nowadays they are super sweet but back then they tasted a bit like ground up pool toys and machine oil.

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