Saturday, April 14, 2018

I Met Geoffrey Today at Toys R Us!

We dipped into the TRU today to see what was going on there and man! I am glad that we did. We totally met Geoffrey! In all the years that I've been going to this store I have never once met Geoffrey. I've wanted to and have tried to go to events that he was at a couple times but I always missed dude. This time though we went in and he was totally there! So great.

It was sad though because it was billed as a say goodbye to him sort of deal. They had a board up that said goodbye from the staff and all that sad stuff. It was a downer but at least I got the chance to finally fulfill my wish to meet the dude before it was maybe too late.

There is that board I was talking about. It's sad but it's nice that they tell us to stay A Toys R Us Kid Forever. I already planned on doing that but it was nice that I have official permission from the store to do so. 

We picked up a plush of Geoffrey while we were there. It was at 30 percent off but I think that I would have gotten one anyway. It's a nice souvenir of today. I'm really glad that we went in. It was sort of spur of the moment so it feels like a nice miracle and that I easily could have missed him. 

On the serious, if the store closes, (All hope is not lost. There is an offer in for some of the stores. It might get accepted. Mine could maybe be one of the stores. I don't know anything for sure. I'm not ready to give up all hope) If the store closes though, today was a perfect goodbye memory. I finally got to meet Geoffrey and he was all I hoped he'd be. tall, nice and willing to pose for a picture. 

I don't think this will be the last time though. I have hope so I say, until next time my new Giraffe Friend. 

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