Monday, April 16, 2018

Video Store Stickers: Vineyard Video, Plattsmouth Nebraska And A Look At The Arkadia Retrocade!

Animalympics was one of my favorite VHS Tapes as a kid. I used to rent it from the store that was over by Long's on 4th St. The location is a thrift store now. That's fine I guess. It could be a Starbucks or something right? 

Anyway, I was WAY into this tape right? So imagine my happiness when my good pal Vic Sage sent me these pics over on Facebook! Turns out that his good pal Gary Burton donated this tape to The Arkadia Retrocade where Vic works. What a truly magnanimous gesture. I mean that. 

The reason Vic sent this to me besides the fact that Animalympics is great is because he knows that I collect Video Store Stickers. Check the link over on the right side of the page here. I have a ton of them.  

What I like about them is that it's a way to remember that these stores existed. It's a history in a way. It's a sad thing really because each of these stores was someone's favorite video store and more than likely it's gone. Not always but usually.. 

This store though, Vineyard Video is still there, well sort of. It seems that the store was a video store inside of another store, a liquor store and the liquor store is still there but they don't rent videos anymore.. They do have a tanning salon though.

Here is what the store looks like nowadays. I looked it up and they have some very positive Yelp reviews as a purveyor of fine wines. Some of the best in Nebraska according to one soul. The store is in Plattsmouth Nebraska. 

Here is the title screen from the tape.
I don't know what it was that drew me to Animalympics but I seriously rented it more than any other tape. Whenever I got the chance to make a pick, that was my pick. Was it the music? The movie has a great soundtrack. Was it the sports? Maybe.. IDK.. It was something though. I must have seen it a million-zillion times and if i'm exaggerating it's not really by more than a half a zillion and that's not  that much in the grander scheme of things...

It could be because of this romantic subplot between two of the animals. When I think back on the movie that is what I remember the most.

The subplot was interlaced between the various sporting events and moved forward as the movie advanced.. Here is a clip..


I remember it being one of the first truly romantic things that I watched on my own. Don't make fun. We all need love and romance in our lives and this was a real sweet introduction to those ideas, a romance between some sort of goat and a cheetah gal. It's nice.

The video shows his fear of being alone, his fear that his drive for the gold will eventually lead to him being alone forever. It's a fear that we all have until we meet that special someone.

I think at the time I was kind of working out some of these romantic ideas and how they might apply to me and my silly little life. I think that I wanted my own gal that I could run through life with. We all want that though right?


Lucky for me I eventually found someone that I could run forever with. Me and the old wife get along great. I wish there was some way that I could go back and tell 12 year old me that I wouldn't alway be a dingleberry and that someday I'd have someone like Kit Mambo of his very own. That he wouldn't always be a lonely little dingus watching cartoons alone..

I kind of got off on a sidebar there about romance and stuff. Let's get back on track. Here is a pic of the tape amongst some of the cool retro items over at Arkadia.. I really, really want to go there sometime. It seems like Nirvana.. 

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