Thursday, March 1, 2018

Return Of The Jedi Movie Listing From Sept 1983 SF Chronicle.

This newspaper I found at The Dig just keeps on giving. I love the old movie listing portion the most so far. 

So let's see, There are NO Passes and NO Bargain Matinees for Return. That makes sense but the movie had been open for 5 months by this point. Yikes, it must have been doing great business. I mean, of course it was. It's Star Wars.

Based on the 1,4,7,9:45 show times I'm guessing that it was playing on 1 screen. This was sort of before the days of the multiplex. Our theater here in Santa Rosa had 5 screens at the time. The one that I go to now has 14. When a Star Wars opens they play it every half hour or so for the 1st couple of weeks.

It was shown in 70mm too. That's dope. I wonder what else was playing at The Coronet at the time, hold on.. I'll look... I went and looked at another piece of the paper to see, I was going to scan it in but it looks like The Coronet was a one screen theater. That's so dope.

The Coronet is no longer with us but I was able to find this great pic of the marquee from when Return opened..

How cool is that? The Coronet was one of two theaters on the west coast that opened Star Wars back on it's 1977 debut date. So the history goes deep with them and the franchise. The times in the pic are a little different than the ones I got out of the advert. It looks like they added a 10:30 show. That was prolly a wise move. Open early, stay late.. It's Star Wars Season.