Thursday, February 8, 2018

VHS Stuff: VideoClub Advert W/ Vanessa Del Rio

I found this wild advert on a ripped out page from a random stack of weird stuff I have in the office. I think I got it out of The Cowboy's stuff at the Sebastopol flea market. It looks to be a page from a porno-mag. Prolly a Penthouse. I don't know if Playboy ran stuff like this. They prolly did, what do I know? It just seems more like a Penthouse advert than a Playboy one.. Well, it actually says Penthouse on it. Down at the bottom. They offer The Penthouse Special. 

It's cool though because they offer like normal family fare like Superman alongside the sleaze like Debbie Does Dallas or whatever. It pays to cover all the markets that you can I suppose. I also wonder how many copies of ET they sold compared to copies of Sex Boat?

I really dig that TV that, I believe it's Vanessa Del Rio has her legs kicked up on. It was the sort that I was looking for for the office before I came up on the one that I have now.. 

If you look close you can see that they offer both X and XXX. I didn't know there was a difference. I bet that's just some marketing on their part. Also note, the tapes cost 69 bucks,, Get it! Hardy-Har-Har!