Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The WWE Elite Collection Charlotte Flair Action Figure

So, I bought another Charlotte Flair Figure. This one has a robe though. Ya, I already have one. I get it but dude! This one has the famous Flair Robe..

She didn't come with a belt though so I had to dig around in my bowl of action figure title belts to find one that fit right. I'm not sure at all where this one came from. I like it though. I do plan on buying her the proper Women's Championship Strap at some point. I kind of hope to just find one at  The Flea Market like all the other ones that I have....

She's a nice figure though. Kind of comparable to a Marvel Legend or a Star Wars Black. She is articulated in all the places that a pro grappler would need to be. 

It's hard to get your hands on the girl WWE Figures. I hardly ever see them on the pegs. I figure that all the dudes who scalp figures at Toy Shows grab them up 1st thing in the morning. 

When I was at  Toy Con this year there was one dude who had like, Sasha Banks, Bailey, Asuka and all the other gals. That's where I got the other Charlotte that I have.. Dudes be scalping all the fun toys man. When I saw Charlotte at Target I scooped her up. They had a Nia Jax there too for what it's worth.. 

Charlotte's Robe is cool but I wish that it had like sequins on it or something.. That's asking a bit much though really. 

She has a cool robe now with like a peacock theme to it.  That's one that I would totally want on a figure. I guess if they put it out I'd have to buy a 3rd fig of her.. It's all good though. I would totally want to..