Monday, January 29, 2018

Christmas Junkbox Update! The Arkadia Retrocade!

There it is in all it's glory! The Famous Christmas Charity Junkbox! It has arrived in the hands of the winner who in an awesome move that defeats all awesome moves of the past took it over to Arkadia Retrocade, the home of The Great Vic Sage who he allowed to partake in some of The Retro Junk! 

The Riddler? 

How amazing is that? Like, super amazing! Our boy Phil, the charitable chap who won the junk is also an Arkansas resident and Arkadia Patron as well as longtime pal of Vic. What a small world huh?

Everyone taking part in The Retro Junk

It's so weird to see the box which sat in the corner of Earth Base One for a year actually be in the hands of people, actual people. I was tripping over that thing for months! It's nice to see that it was all worth it.

Also, I am surprised that there are actual youths there! Like crazily pleasantly surprised. Also, it's great to see them hanging with Vic who is undoubtedly sharing his knowledge of Retro stuff with The Next Gen Of Geeks!

Man, it looks fun there. Let's hope that someday I actually get to go. Anyhow, I'm glad that the box made it to it's new home. I'm glad that it made folks happy. I'm just glad man, glad that it all worked out so well.