Thursday, January 11, 2018

After Hours On The Yard. A Scan From Showtime Magazine Oct 1981

I recently found a few Showtime Magazines over at The Flea Market. These were basically little advertisements for whatever was playing on the channel that month. This page really jumped out at me. As a kid I considered Showtime to be like HBO's sleazy brother. It was the place where you could find like naked movies and sex comedies, you know, the stuff that your folks did not want you to watch. 

This ad up there is really great and sort of solidifies that feeling I had about them as a kid. Let's take a quick look at some of the stuff they have there.

The Happy Hooker Goes To Hollywood... Sound dope. I've never seen a Happy Hooker movie but I understand that they were pretty racy and that there were a ton of them. According to Wikipedia Adam West was in this flick.

Death Game has a terrific graphic. I've never seen this either but again according to Wikipedia it's a 1977 flick about two gals who take a dude hostage and torture him...yikes.

Dogs! That's another cools sounding one. It seems that domestic dogs are starting to attack people and all that. Again, yikes..

Devils's Rain. That one stars William Shatner.. ' Nuff said

The Ritz sound wacky.. Here's the synopsis... A tubby Ohio garbageman (Jack Weston) flees from his hit-man brother-in-law (Jerry Stiller) to a gay Turkish bath in Manhattan. 

On the real though, if we had Showtime I would have been all over these joints. We had HBO, you know, cuz we were classy... I think the real reason for that though is cuz my dad was into boxing and HBO had the big fights.