Saturday, July 8, 2017

Video Store Pics: Family Video, Des Moines Iowa.

Family Video is a chain of stores that is still super active in the midwest. I've never been to one but really want to. At this time right now as we speak they have  over 775 stores. That's so dope. Also, according to that pic there they are hiring. If we had a store like this and I could work like one shift a week I might totally do it. I mean, you'd get free rentals, one shift is totally hassle free. 

When I was managing the store we always had a couple older dudes or chicks that'd work super casual schedules and they always seemed happy as clams. They'd come in, work a bit, straighten shelves or whatever, grab their free employee rentals and a small paycheck and bounce. It's a good gig if you can get it. 

There is one in California but it's not near me. I actually did a bit of research and can't be sure that the store actually exists. I called the number they have listed and it's disconnected. IDK. Anyhow, I have a bunch of pics of a Family Video in Des Moines Iowa. Let's take a look. 


This appears to be the kid's area. You can see the sign..  Is that the front window though? The one one with the number on it? Prolly right? And that's a reflection into the store. I can't make out what that poster with that face is. 

This is a nice shot down what the aisles are like. So great, it reminds me of a Blockbuster or what The Bradley Video I worked at looked like. It's so great that a store like this is still around and actually thriving! 775 stores is no joke. 

Here is another shot of the aisles and the DVDs. This one is from the front. I like that Ghostbuster Poster on the wall there toward the right. It's interesting that they have a poster up for a movie that isn't a new release or top hit. Maybe it's for sale. It looks like it could come right down. I think it's shrink wrapped and on cardboard. 

If you look close to the signs atop the rows it says 2 for a dollar. I would imagine that's for the stock titles.  When I was in the video store game they were a dollar a night so they've deflated a full half. The overall cost of DVDs has shrunk though so I don't know. It's prolly more or less the same... 

Dig the Game Room. It's huge.  I mean that, it's so big! Way bigger than the Game Cage we had at The Bradley and I thought that place was banging. I wish we had a game rental place around here. None of our remaining video stores have any games of any sort. 

Bae's Rincon Video used to have games but ya, they are sadly no longer with us. I think that 2.0 and her Gal Pal would rent games if the option was available. They still rent DVDs though so they might be outliers. They actually rented two Vin Diesel movies last weekend... XXX and Fast and Furious. They watched them at a sleepover. That seems totally fun, both those movies had a real high entertaining moment per minute ratio. 

And finally, the good old Adult Room. I didn't know that Family Video carried Adult stuff but I guess they do. For the most part the video stores that I visit all have extensive adult areas. I think that must be a key part of the business. I mean, it was even back when I was in it so it only makes sense that it still is today. 

There must be people who don't want to get their porn on the internet. Maybe they don't want to leave a trail. Like they only have one family computer. I don't know. I imagine that there are people doing all sorts of different stuff all over the world everyday. 

Hey kids, I got these pics via Facebook Message from good pal of the show Erik Purscell, he's a great chap and you can follow him via Twitter HERE!!!! and I totally appreciate the time and effort that it takes to go over and snap pics so dude, I'm indebted. 

If you feel so inclined and have a store near you please, please send me some pics. I wanna catalog as many stores as I can before it's way to late and honestly, it is a bit too late. Let's not waste the time we have left.. Send pics to HERE!!!!