Monday, November 28, 2016

Video Store Stickers: Video Wizard Sebastopol and Silver Screen Video Petaluma. Silver Variant

Now that's a name! Video Wizard. That is just so awesome. I dig it the most. Sadly I don't think that I ever went to Video Wizard. That totally sucks for me. I guess this store closed down awhile back. That stinks.

Video Wizard today

I found a bit of business info that included an email address. I sent a shout out there way. Asked if maybe they had some pics or whatnot. It hasn't been bounced back yet so who knows? UPDATE!: Email bounced back.

Silver Screen is actually still open. I should fully go there and take a look. It's worth the gas. Petaluma is the next town over. It's maybe 30 mins or so away. It's a nice town that is worth the visit really. Here is a pic off of their Facebook Page which you can visit HERE!!!

This is actually the 3rd Silver Screen Video sticker that we've found. One was green and and the other one gold.. You can see them here... Silver Screen Variants. I think that this is my favorite one. I like the chrome.

Here are a couple more pics. I am fully going to head over there... I like this one. It's always cool when a store has a theme for the holiday. 

This one is neat too. I want one of those movie poster frames with the lights. I'd hang it in the hallway and rotate the posters. Right now I have like 3 or 4 great posters that need frames. 

One of them is The Warriors. Ugh, I need to get around to getting a frame and hanging it up. I have Fury Road too. The cool one with Furiosa looking out the window of the whip. It's a little too new to hang up but maybe in like 20 years or so..