Thursday, October 6, 2016

Video Store Pictures: Joe Video, Bennett Valley, T.R.O.Y

This is a hard one to write.. My beloved Joe Video has closed down it's Bennett Valley Location. I'm so bummed. If you want some more details check out the latest episode of The TRU RPT. I talk all about it and give them a big T.R.O.Y. 

I was lucky enough to get over there on the last day they were open. I was caught by surprise.  I showed up to rent something and BAM! Big Sign Saying We're Closing. So bummed...

Here is the New Release Wall. I like how they used the film cans. Film is classy. I would have used VHS Tapes.. VHS is sleazy... 

Every Videovores favorite section.. Horror. They had a pretty fair collection. Nothing fantastic but still pretty comprehensive..

Here is a cross section of some recent new releases. You can see Moonwalkers down at the bottom. I think that is what we rented. I thought that it was pretty good. The cover is yellow and it's on the bottom shelf. 

If you follow that opening and turn right before the white screen door you can enter THE BLUE ROOM. That's where they keep the porn. I've been in there a few times but felt a bit weird about going over and taking pics. I don't know why. I totally should have. 

This is a bigger pic of what the whole store looks like. It was jam packed with DVDs.. Dude, this is the worst.. 

Didn't really get to the Children's section too much. 2.0 said that it sort of sucked.. I'll take her word for it. 

And here we have it. The big board with all the new movies and such, prices etc.. Man.  I am going to miss this place A LOT. They have another location across town that I will make myself go to. It's important to do that.

 If you have a video store in your town PLEASE go there and buy or rent stuff. It's really important. Video Stores are so crucial to maintaining the history of film. Netflix's selection sucks. Redbox sucks. This is the place where they store the movies man! Go there and show some support. I am begging you!