Thursday, September 8, 2016

Working Girls With Cassandra Peterson VHS Tape. A Great Dig Score.

So I'm at The Dig and a pal of mine  calls me over and says that he has some stuff in his cart that I might like. I'm game for that sort of stuff so I head on over to his spot along side the wall. When I get there he pulls out like 5 VHS tapes of burlesque performances, modern ones.. 

IDK, that's cool but it's not really my thing but I wanted him to feel like I appreciated that he wanted to show me something that he though I might like so I looked at them for a bit and dude, I was glad that I did. Right there in the stack was Working Girls with Cassandra Peterson, AKA Elvira Mistress Of The Dark where she has a bit role, as a topless dancer. 'Nuff Said.. Am I right?

The Back of the sleeve has a weird pattern on it and it made my camera weird out.
I ask my dude how much he wants for it and he says anything. "I don't care man. I don't like this stuff really. Burlesque is just a bunch of fat white girls in their Grandma's Underwear." He's black BTW. Really I can't say that I disagree with him about the art of burlesque but whatever. I tell him how about like 2 bucks. You can buy a soda so he says "Deal" and now I have Working Girls. I'm stoked. 

I watched it. It's cool. Cassandra Peterson is a red head which is dope but this is from the era when gals didn't really work out too much so you have to consider that when you see her dancing. She's a bit soft, not that there is anything wrong with that.

The tape was cued up right at the famous scene.. Of course it was right?

 If you want to check out the famous strip scene you have to go and search it out yourself. We aren't that kind of blog. Almost but not quite. 

I showed the tape off in a VHS Forum that I belong to and they were stoked because it's a bootleg of the original. They like some interesting things these dudes. Apparently the company that booted it is desirable because they only booted cool cult movies like this or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the company and that is really bugging me. Oh well, it doesn't matter really in the long run.

I saw Elvira at Wondercon one year. I'll have to find the pic. She looked great. That lady has some awesome genetics.  

Alright, I I left for a sec and dug up the pic. There it is below. Her security team just about knocked my camera out of my hand when I snapped this one off so you have to take what you get.

This is a rotten pic. Her security was aggressive about taking snaps without paying. I dig it. 

Anyhow, ya, I have that tape and I saw Elvira once from a distance. I'm super cool, I guess..IDK, it's just fun to find a cool tape like this. I got like 70 likes on Facebook for this one which is like a ton. Those VHS Fans are hard dudes when it comes to giving props.