Friday, September 2, 2016

My Super Dope Darth Vader Night Light!

Awhile back when I posted that pic of The Yoda Bubble Bath Bottle that I found I made mention of another Star Wars gimmick that I found. That Gimmick was this guy here.. He's pretty cool but when you light him up he doesn't really burn that bright. 

It's interesting how he's so red and purplish that it's like his color radiates and changes the color of the background. When you look at him in real life he just sort black.

I dig him but as a nightlight he's useless but he is a piece of plastic molded in the shape of Lord Vader and he lights up so due to all of that he is automatically super dope. I don't know where to plug him in. It's a tough choice because it can't be somewhere where you need a nightlight like the hallway or the bathroom. 

Any input is appreciated.