Friday, September 16, 2016

J-Town Video. Japan Town Mall, San Francisco. Japanese Soap Operas Galore.

There are two video stores in the mall. One on one end one on the other. They are pretty different though. This one here tends to have like Asian TV Programs and Movies while the other has a lot of Anime and stuff.

Here is a pic right in the front door. It's small inside with thin aisles but there are a ton of discs and stuff. 

They put racks and stuff outside the front of the store. Considering the size of the store, like how small it is and stuff, there are a ton of different stuffs up in there.

 I don't know what it all is though. It appears to be stuff off of TV. Programs and whatever. They look like Soap Operas but I don't know for sure..

Here is a closeup of the racks. If you are fluent in Japanese let us know what these are. I'm really curious but also not all that curious at the same time.. Do you ever feel that way ? Like you'd like to know badly but if you don't ever find out you won't really care.. 

Here is the big board behind the counter. See how those discs are just in standard sleeves? That makes me think that they are bootlegs recorded off of Satellite or whatever. I'm cool with that. Fools need to keep up on their stories right?

Here you go. Another pic from the outside. IDK, I wanted to use every picture that I took. Otherwise it was just a giant waste of time right? Even using the pics it's almost a waste of time really... 

IDK, That's a big sign that says Japanese Movies. They had a ton of Asian Releases of popular movies. Marvel Flicks and whatnot. Again, I don't know if these are boots with subtitles or official releases. It could go either way really. I also don't know if this is a rental store or if they only sell discs. There were like no signs in English. It's only for The Real Heads I guess.. 

This store has been here forever. We've been going to this mall for seriously like 10-15 years and the store has always been there. Let's hope they keep on keeping on. I kind of think that they will. They serve a niche clientele and that helps I think, I mean, where else can you go for DVDs of Japanese Soap Operas? They have the market cornered,