Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I Whitened Up A Wampa...

Wampa fig is dope. It's like having a Star Wars Yeti. 

I picked up this Wampa at the Flea Market the other week. I only paid a couple of bucks because he was almost totally yellow. That happens with age to white action figures. Here's what you do though. I took him and put him inside of a plastic container. I think it used to hold lunchmeat and I filled the thing with water and a whole bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide.

So I put him in there and left him out in the sun for a week straight. I'd go out everyday and flip him over so that both sides would get some sun and then after a week.. Bigiddy-Bam! He was as white as a cloud on a nice spring day!

I should have taken a before picture but I wasn't sure that the solution would work as well as it did. I could be making this up for all you know. I'm not. I promise! You can totally trust me.