Monday, September 5, 2016

Cute Retro Gals: Lynda Carter

I came across this pic of a teenage model version of Lynda Carter. Kinda' Racy. She is so dope though and I'm really glad to see that she is going to be in Supergirl, as The President even! They make a lot of neat casting desicions like that over at the D-CW but they really blew it by not casting Tom Welling as Superman but that's ok. I'm not going to sweat it.

This one is pretty racy too. I wonder if the photographer who suggested that she stick the end of the Popsicle in between her lips really thinks he's getting away with something. Like Lynda Carter doesn't know what it's all about. She's just being a good sport which I totally appreciate.

That's such a dope outfit. It reminds me of the one that she wore in DC's JLA: The Nail Miniseries which is really great if you haven't read it. I highly recommend it. It's a look at The DC Universe without Superman in it. Fascinating stuff..

Here's A couple of sexy sort of pics of Lynda. I wonder where these came from. There wasn't like Maxim or Stuff or any of that kind of mag around at the time. Where do you publish cheesecake style pics of hot 70's chicks? 

Anyway, if you didn't know and I'm sure that you did. Lynda Carter is really dope. She's great to look at, even know and she spells Lynda with a Y which is cool. She does her own thing man. She doesn't live by your rules of spelling.