Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Coming Soon: Star Wars 3.75 inch Sabine Wren

My boy Engineer Nerd hipped me to this latest Sabine Wren Action Figure. I like it man. She has two guns and a  helmet, I wonder if the helmet fits on over her head or if it's an alternate head or if it's just an accessory?  What is that other thing? It looks like some sort of backpack/vehicle sort of gimmick. I know not. 

I wonder if this one will be as hard to find as the last one. That set, it's her and a Stormtrooper had me rolling all over the countryside for it. On the real tip I started to get obsessed after having no hits anywhere. It was really frustrating. On a side note, I still haven't even seen a Star Wars Black Series Rey on the shelf. Isn't that wild? Not even once. Anywhere.

I finally found her at Kohl's. I seriously never go to Kohl's. I had an aunt that worked there that I didn't really get along with so I just avoided the place for the most part.

I didn't even know that they had toys. It was only after a hot tip from Willie from Arcade USA that I got over there and got up on mine. It was a great moment for me in the history of my life. That's sad but true.