Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Video Store Stickers: Video World and Silver Screen Video, The Gold Variant!

Here are a couple nice Video Store Stickers! I really dig the Video World one up there. It's pretty swank to put your own logo on the label. It shows that you are a classy sort of joint. I don't remember Video World here in Santa Rosa. 

Let's see, they were on Stony Point Road. Oh, I looked it up. That's over near where Kenny Roger's Chicken used to be over on the other side of town. I totally remember this store. If you click up where it says Stony Point Road you can see where used to be..

 I used to go there with this girl Sheila that I knew. Her folks had an account.  Since it was her card she always got to pick what we rented. They also had a system where you could pay at that end of the month or something for items you got to take and enjoy now. We charged a lot of candy and soda to her folks that way.. Sorry

We got a lot of John Hughes flicks there. That's not a bad thing.. His stuff was right in-between being a chick flick and being just an in the middle flick. No complaints here. 

This is the 2nd sticker from Silver Screen. The other one is gteen though so this guy here is THE GOLD VARIANT! I don't know about that really. The other one is from Terra Linda California and this one is Petaluma.. They are othetwise just about identical...