Thursday, August 11, 2016

Video Store Stickers: Video Factory and Video Bank. Two California Video Stores

Video Factory is a good name. Sort of, it kind of makes me think about work. Like maybe this is the place where they manufacture the tapes. I don't know if that's an image I want with a leisure activity like watching movies.  

Here is a pic of what the store looks like off of Yelp. Dude, dig this Yelp Review of the shop. It makes me wanna go there. Dude who wrote it really sells the joint.

This place has a HUGE porn selection. They've got everything you've ever wanted to see & even some things you don't ever want to see...

They have a pre paid rental deal: $30 fro 12 DVD, so it comes out to be pretty cheap per rental. Videos are due back in 3 days, as opposed to 5 days at Hollywood Video (haha, but then again, you can't rent porn at Hollywood Video!)

Make sure you check your receipt before you leave because the lady rang up my DVDs wrong. They receipt said I checked out two of the same movie. You don't want to be held accountable for a DVD you didn't check out in the first place. Overall, the lady is pretty friendly & they always have a good selection of the new releases.

Check it out they are actually still open so big up to them! Click here to see some pics of inside the store on Google View.. 

If you are in the area make sure to stop by. I'm thinking that I might make a trip there just to peep it out. I really dig visiting video stores. Them and Comic Shops. I always look for both when I'm visiting a town. 

It looks ok. Sort of average. I wonder where the big Porn Room is? Behind a secret door or something probably.

The video store that used to be down the street used to have these swinging cowboy doors. Like the sort that would be at a Saloon or something. You could see the guy's feet when they were in there. That always cracked me up as a kid. 

I don't like those big gumball machines. They take up a lot of space and all you get out of them is gumballs. If it was filled with eggs with prizes in them that'd be dope but ya..

I don't really know anything about Video Bank either. It also makes me think about work like The Video Factory. I don't know. It's not the worst name. Banks do protect precious stuff so there is that.

I don't have a lot to say about The Video Bank especially after learning that The Video Factory is still with us. That was quite a pleasant surprise!