Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jason And Zack Met A Ninja Turtle At Blockbuster Back In 1991

I found that pic down there on The Blockbuster Video Facebook page that my man from InstantlyDated hipped me to. He actually reached out to me because of that pic you see there on your right. The one of the buxom lass at The Video Store. He had a pic to share from a recent trip to Family Video in Illinois and here it is...

The Blockbuster Video Facebook Page is a treasure trove of Video Store Pics and I'm gonna steal like all of them and put them here because they are great and that page could go away at anytime really. It could right? I don't know. They are great at any rate and I hope you enjoy this one. 

What a magical day for Jason and Zack. Meeting and honest to god Ninja Turtle. It's going to be downhill from there kiddos. I wonder where these two little chaps are today? Probably in a life of crime because they spent all their time trying to relive the thrill of August 23rd, 1991.