Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Interesting Pic Of A Picnic I Found At The Dig The Week. Great Slice Of Life.. Pepsi Light

I found this picture in a frame over at The Dig the other day. It is so interesting and weird. It's nice that they are happy. I appreciate that, and we are all going to grow old, hopefully we will be so lucky to do so at any rate and it's nice that they are in love. It really is. I'm not making fun. I promise you that I'm not.

It's just such an interesting picture though. It's a slice of life.  Look at the Pepsi Light and The Diet Pepsi. They bought both. Like one of them likes one and the other prefers the other so they have to get a can of both. Also, what is that over on the left side of the blanket in that jar? It looks like something pickled or some sort of sausage. That's an interesting choice for a picnic at the beach. 

I'm digging on this picture. I hope to have moments like this when I'm in my twilight. We all should be so lucky to have someone who loves us at any time really, especially into our later years when we're all old and gross.

 These two really have it all.