Friday, July 22, 2016

Video Store Stickers: VideoTime, Novato California

That up there is the sticker that is on the inside of the video tape case. I've never been to this store, or I had never gone to this store. I don't know which one is right. I mean, now that it is closed down. 

I went and checked what was on that spot now, on that address and dude, there was another Video Store named Movie Star Video and in the yelp review they say that the dude who ran VideoTime was the boss at Movie Star. Sadly Movie Star went out of business too.. 

Here is the actual sticker on the tape it's self. I like how it lists Video Movies and Machines. That implies that they also sell like VCRs and Cameras. That's dope. 

What is that other word there? Visitour? I'm not familiar. Do you think it's someone who sells video supplies? Like a VCR/Camera installation expert? What a pretentious title. Dude, Novato Ca, is a bit snooty at times though. A Visitour would fit in perfect..