Friday, July 29, 2016

Video Store Stickers: Market One Video, Utah

The 801 area code is in Utah. That's wild. I found this tape at The Dig. I actually took the pic there on a flat piece of cardboard. It made a nice backdrop but the tape kept falling over. This actually took me  a minute or two to do. We all have to suffer for our art I suppose

So I guess it turns out that the video store was in Raley's. Remember back when just about every store added a video rental area. I remember one in 7-11 and one in Longs and Safeway as well .

I really like the Be Kind Rewind Sticker. I wonder who was the dude behind that slogan.  I did like 30 seconds of research and couldn't find anything about it. Maybe I'll dig deeper. More than likely not but you never know. I just might. I won't.