Monday, July 4, 2016

3 Recently Unearthed Pics Inside Of My Local Blockbuster Circa 2001

My brother worked at The Blockbuster near our house for like, ever. It was closeby and kind of cool to work there so he hung around for a minute. It was weird because I was working for a rival chain in town and we hated Big Blue with a passion. I guess ee both have the Video Store gene in us. It's all good. 

Anyway, recently a friend of his from back in the Blockbuster Days posted some pics of the old store. Dude! I was so stoked to see these. I used to go and say whats up to him every once and again and would occasionally rent a tape there if I didn't wanna go across town to my store to see something so it was cool to see the inside again. The store is a Subway now. A Subway and a check cashing place..-.  

These pics were instant nostalgia and with his permission I thought I'd share them with you. Enjoy..

This is the view as you'd go up to pay for your movie or game. Make sure to grab some Twizzlers or popcorn. You gotta snack it up while watching a flick!

I can't make out the names on the New Release board. One of them that I can though is Varsity Blues. That's a good one! It has my boy Vanderbeek in it. Also, dig those magazines. That was when they were trying to reach out and increase their media empire into print.. IDK, they sold Vanity Fair and US. Is that Nicole and Tom on US and Natalie Portman on that Star Wars mag? I think so..

And finally, The New Release wall. Let's take a look.. That's Gladiator and Gone In 60 Seconds to the right and what is that on the left? Frequency? I think that's right.. I also think that is some sort of Godzilla movie under Gladiator. That would make sense alphabetically. Can you make out any of the others?

Anyway, These pics rule. It's weird to think that eventually we'd be nostalgic for Blockbuster. Back in the day we HATED those Blockbuster fools being a proud local chain worker and all.. How the times have changed. I'd kill to step foot inside of a Blockbuster today, not really but I would be excited to do so.. 

Hey! If you have any pics of the inside of video stores I'd LOVE to see them and post them here. It's nice to share and these pics have to be preserved. If you wanna submit some PLEASE do so by emailing me here HERE!!!!! 

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