Monday, April 4, 2016

Diane Lane: The Outsiders (1983)

So we are backtracking a bit. I didn't really expect to like write about all of her 80's movies but it sort of looks like it might turn out that way. It's ok. It's not like it's punishment or anything. Outsiders is a great movie and Diane Lane is eternally awesome so ya, it's all good in the hood.

I saw The Outsiders in school after reading the book. The book really affected me. I guess because someone died. That was really weird for me to take in at the time.

 I remember thinking about that a lot, the idea that someone could die. I mean that someone young could die. Someone like me. It was a revelation.

The movie is really great too. Especially Ralph Macchio. He stood out to me as a great actor when I was like 12. Then he went and did Karate Kid so at the time dude was a huge star to in my universe. He ruled!

In The Outsiders DL plays Cherry Valance and she is in the eyes of Pony Boy who was played by C Thomas Howell, (and pretty much everyone else in the world I'd imagine) the ideal Soc Girlfriend.

The whole thing with the Soc's and The Greasers was so wild to me. There wasn't a lot of rumbling going on in my neck of the woods and the small amount that was happening wasn't going down between Rich dudes and Poor dudes. It was mostly just dudes beefing over weird stuff and it was just pushing and shoving for the most part. I really only remember a handful of fights that actually were fights with punching and stuff. It's not to hard around here.

2.0 recently read The Outsiders in school. It really touched her too. It's one of the few books that she read in school that she actually wanted to own a copy of for herself. That's really saying something. It was work that she wanted to keep...