Friday, April 1, 2016

Diane Lane In Streets Of Fire (1984)

In our continued look at the lovely Diane Lane's 80's work we move on to Streets Of Fire which came out in 1984. This joint came out a couple of years after The Fabulous Stains. In between the two she made Rumble Fish and The Outsiders. Both of those are pretty decent flicks. 2.0 LOVES The Outsiders. It's literally her 2nd favorite movie. Right behind Perks Of Being A Wallflower which is also pretty good. 

In Streets Of Fire Diane plays singer Ellen Aim of Ellen Aim And The Attackers. Now, she doesn't look quite as cool as she did in The Stains but she does look pretty dope. This is like an  80's movie that is sort of set in the 50's but still sort of has 80's sensibilities..

The movie was directed by the great Walter Hill of The Warriors fame. Dude is the best man. Warriors is so great and Streets Of Fire is pretty fun too.

I think after this she went on to uhm, Cotton Club? I don't know. I'll have to look it up...

I haven't seen this movie in forever. I'm gonna have to check and see if it's playing on the cable. It prolly is. IDK, everything is usually. At least on demand.

Be that as it may and as convenient as it is I still miss the days of having to like go out of the house and get stuff. Right now I'll push a few buttons and I'll get to check this out instead of having to go down to Bradley Video and poke around for it.

The fun part was that you might actually find something else cool while looking for your tape.. IDK, just some thoughts on the old days...