Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Toy R Us Report Episode 45: More Tales From The Dig

Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by! We have a super fun episode ahead of us this week! I promise. It starts off with an all new tune from our favorite announcer Ensign Melissa and then I tell a crazy story about a dog and his twin that had me feeling like I was on an episode of Midnight In The Desert With Art Bell. 

Then it's on to At The Movies with IseeRobots where we talk about Ant Man it's about darn time! I was so behind on seeing this that it wasn't even funny but I make up for it with a thrilling review of The Paul Rudd flick.

After that it's the main event! An exciting round of Tales From The Dig. I just can't get enough of that wacky place.

It's a super fun episode this week. Make sure to tell a friend! Also, make sure to hop on over to to see what we can do for you for helping us out with a little donation of loot. At the very least go take a look. You can get all sorts of fun stuff!