Friday, August 28, 2015

Flea Market Find: Sealed Box Of Magnum Cards By Donruss.

I picked these up from my pal Noah. He's another scavenger like me. He got them from another dude in return for a favor of some sort. He brought them out to us when we did the flea market last time. I was pretty stoked to get them. The box art is just fantastic. Just look at old Tom Magnum. What a dream date. 

Dig it. The whole box is full. How great is that? Totally great! Each one has secrets you know. It's like that Schrodinger's Cat deal or whatever it's called. 

Each pack could have anything inside of it. I mean they might even have like, Mickey Mantle Rookie Cards for all we know, there could be a folded up copy of Action Comics #1 in one of the packs. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, until you find out. 

That's the allure of the sealed pack. I guess in away each one is infinitely valuable. If i sell them at the next flea market should I put a sideways 8 on the price tag? Prolly right?