Tuesday, July 7, 2015

VHS Title Screen: Attack Force Z

I picked this tape up at The Dig the other day. I liked the title. I think that maybe AFZ is like the last option of all the Task Forces. You've gone through all the numbers and all the letters and here you are, Z. The only team that could be behind them is maybe AFAA or Attack Force AA. because you've started the alphabet all over again.

I haven't watched it yet but it has a young Mel Gibson and that's pretty cool... Sam Neil is in it too.. Also John Waters but not the one that you are thinking of. That'd be so great. It's a WW2 Picture. Man, I wish it was famous Director John Waters not Australian TV actor John Waters. Not that there is anything wrong with him. You know.. It'd just be funnier...

Here is a trailer for the flick. It's pretty long but there are some cool Karate spots in there. It's worth a look. Sort of.  It's always cool to see young Mel. I mean, it's only like a minute so it's not that big of a deal..