Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Toys R Us Report Episode 42: Flea Market Vending 101

Hey kids! We got a super fun show ahead of us this week! It's shorter than normal but that's cool. That means you have more time for summer activities. You should thank me. Anyway, the focus of the show this week is on a trip we took down to the Flea Market but as vendors! Yep! We sold not bought. It was pretty cool and I tell you all about it.

First though there is some talk about a weird book store near my house called Paperbacks Unlimited. I go there all the time. It's pretty different than any bookstore I've been in before and I tell you all about it..

Then it's on to the flea market talk. I think your gonna get a kick out of my tales here. There is some good stuff! Well worth your time..

Up last is the Toys R Us Report where I talk about all the cool stuff I saw at Toys R Us This Week.. There was actually a few new things and I tell you all about it...

Make sure to check out for some all new incentives for helping us out with a little loot. You come out ahead for the most part!