Friday, July 3, 2015

Quills Liquor/Video Center. VCR Sale

There are so many great things about this ad. First, the price is bananas. I just can't imagine that anyone would want to pay that much to watch movies in their home. That's a lot of loot but then again, Porn. Also the 1399 is the sale price. Its really 1649.. Yikes. 

Second. The store is a Liquor/Video Centre. What the heck? Is it a liquor store with a video section? That's what I would think and maybe they have a few VCRs laying about. I wonder what it looked like on the inside. 

They also offer Free Installation and TV Modification, 25 movies too and a blank tape. That's pretty cool. Not for 1400 bucks though.

It's also weird to put the model number right at the top of the ad like that. I can't imagine that it means anything to anyone. It just looks like some edited comic strip cuss words or something..