Thursday, July 30, 2015

Marvel Minimates Series 64: DAZZLER AND HOWARD THE DUCK!

Man! This is one of the best sets of Minimates in forever. Just about everyone in it is just FANTASTIC! First off, I love that Dazzler! She is one of my fave characters and that is my fave version of her. Dig it. She even has rollerskates! AND! She comes packed with Howard The Duck! That's my 2nd fave dude in the set. It's like if the rest of them weren't so great that'd be good enough for me but Captain Marvel and Lady Thor are super awesome as well. 

You also have Old Man Loga and The Maestro. Just great all around. The other two are cool too. Iron Man and Ultron. I mean, I only have like 8 Iron Mans already. What's one more?

These guys aren't coming out until Dec though. That's a long time man!