Thursday, June 25, 2015

Toys R Us SDCC Exclusive Batgirl. What The HECK!

I've never been to Comic-Con. I want to but you know, it's just never happened. I can dig the idea of exclusive figures for that event. It makes sense but it also doesn't. What I mean is, why make something awesome like this Batgirl here but only make it available to dudes who go to the con? I mean.. What the heck? 

In a situation like this it isn't like Toys R Us benefits from this at all. The scalpers who buy a bunch and then sell them online do. I reckon that after awhile they might put it up in the store. They'd have to right?

 It's like passing up on money to not make this available to me and all the other fools who feel like they have to have it! I HAVE TO HAVE IT! Don't do me like this TRU! I've been on your side from the jump. On a side not. Her waist and hips look really weird..