Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Six Million Dollar Man Peter Pan Records And IseeRobots Radio #33

I love Peter Pan / Power Records. I had a few of these as a kid. Not this one but the ones I did have used to get crazy play on my turntable. This one comes complete with a comic in the middle. Mine never did. Maybe they weren't real Power Records. There were other companies pooping these out BITD, 

I had one story record that was of War Of The Worlds. I used to spin that one on the daily.. 

I actually made an episode of my old podcast IseeRobots Radio about this particular episode. Hold on,. Im gonna dig around in the archives and post that here for you guys.. In the meantime here is the original version on Youtube.. 

Ok, I'm back. I just went over an uploaded the episode that I was talking about onto the Internet Archive so you can give it a listen. I have to warn you though It is not family friendly but it is a lot of fun. 

It's basically a hip hop mix using The Power Record from up there as the backbone of the deal. Give it a listen. It's kind of interesting to see what I was up to before The Toys R Us Report.

Let me know if you dig it. I can totally upload more. There is close to 40 episodes....

Be warned! This is NOT Family Friendly at all. There is a bunch of uncensored hip hop style tunes!!!! Wear your earbuds...!