Friday, June 19, 2015

My Dick Tracy Gun RECOVERED! A Major Grail Find

When I was a youth my parents were totally against toy guns. This only fueled my fire to get a kid's gat. I used stick or whatever I could find to simulate blowing dude's melons apart. One day though while digging around in a bush I found this beauty here. Well, not this beauty here. This is one I picked up at the Flea the other day. 

I had that gun at my side for YEARS! I loved it with all my heart. I kept it hidden under the house so that it wouldn't get taken away by my mom. MAN! 

I loved this piece and really hungered for it after I lost it. I don't know when or where that happened. It prolly just dropped out of my age range and got lost or left somewhere and I never noticed.. 

When I saw this on a table at the flea last week my heart fell into my stomach. I got hit with that big memory wave that just about knocks you over. Serious. I almost pooped my pants.

 I managed to get if for 10 bucks without negotiating. I would have paid like 25 if I had to. Maybe more but I managed to keep it sort of cool. Maybe not, maybe dude only really wanted 5 but saw me as a mark and marked it up to 10. Well if so, jokes on him. He could have marked it up more.