Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Toys R Us Report Episode 28: The Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Hey Kids! Thanks for stopping by. This week we venture off topic again. I was away from the home base doing so vacationing and also some toy hunting! We went to Santa Cruz and hit up a few different Toys R Us along the way. We also hit up The Famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and their awesome ARCADE so there is some actual video game talk this week! How about that? 

I also hit up some record stores while on the hunt for Laserdiscs! Yep, I collect Laserdiscs too.. So we talk about that as well. 

There is also a movie review. We saw Liam Neeson's latest action flick, Run All Night. It was fun and I tell you all about that as well as talk about Blimps!

There is a good deal of toy hunting and shopping in this episode so if that's your thing you are gonna be pretty stoked!

 It's a great show like always, make sure to tell a friend!