Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Couple Of Things I Saw Over At Toys R Us The Other Day

I don't think that I've seen those Joes before but the card says that they were made in 2010. They only cost 7.99 but have some cool accessories. I was tempted to get one but ultimately didn't. I'm cheap.

Look at that Undertaker set there. Peep out Paul Bearer popping out of the coffin specifically. Yikes. Kind of poor taste  but still pretty rad. I also don't have any WWE building blocks but have been tempted. Know what they should do? Blind Bags of the minifigures. 

Make all the cool guys from the past like JYD and Abe "Knuckle Ball" Schwartz but also mix in some dudes from today like Cody Rhodes in his Dashing Cody Rhodes atttire. It's a can't miss idea. Feel free to use it WWE...