Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Toys R Us Report Episode 19: Castle Grayskull

Hey kids! This week on the show we focus The Retro Marketplace on your favorite Eternaian Fortress and mine, Castle Grayskull. I loved that thing. Did you have it too? Prolly huh? It seemed like everyone did. After that we talk on a movie I saw called, American Sniper, there is a follow up to the tale of negative feedback and some talk about The Flea Market. 

I had a real bad cold the whole time I was working on this so please forgive my even more nasally drone. Still though, it's a fun episode like always, maybe even a little more so actually, if you like Public Enemy and the song Rebel Without A Pause, honestly, it might be a little bit worse for you if you like that song. Just kidding

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