Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Toys R Us Report Podcast Episode 10 For The Week Of November 19th 2014

Hey kids, another week means another super exciting episode of The Toys R Us Report and this week is another doozy. We got a Retro Toy Roundup on The USS Flagg, a review of Big Hero 6 which is DYNO-MITE! and all sorts of toy talk and some stories about the things that happen to me while I walk my dog. It's better than it sounds. Make sure to tell a friend. Why keep them from something they'll prolly like. That's sort of selfish.. ;) 

We also got some awesome new drops and an AWESOME new ending tune from our pal Diagamblic over at The Retro Obscura Podcast, make sure to check them out. Dudes got skills! Big up To Willie at The Colecovisions Podcast, Make sure to give em' a listen if you don't already! 

You can find him and all sorts of other Retro Themed Podcasts over at The Throwback Network..